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Health Care


The Dutch healthcare market is growing strongly. To continue to provide good care for the increasing number of older adults and the growing number of people who survive diseases, integrated solutions from a specialist are necessary. MSOLUTIONS REAL ESTATE takes care of real estate in the healthcare market from A to Z: from development to construction and maintenance. We are ensuring Quality and Unburdening in the Process and Realization and Maintenance.

Regarding healthcare real estate, we at MSOLUTIONS attach great value to co-creation. We listen carefully to future residents, users, and care providers. The changing healthcare market means that people who survive diseases that were fatal in the past will need more structural care afterward. Healthcare institutions are also increasingly confronted with market forces, such as price and quality competition and new risks. At MSOLUTIONS, we combine the knowledge and wishes of the healthcare sector with our expertise.

In addition, the wishes and requirements of financiers and investors are at least as necessary for a solid basis for a sustainable and easily exploitable project. Demand for investments in healthcare real estate is expected to exceed supply. However, it is essential for this increase that the collection from the healthcare sector better matches the demand from institutional investors. To meet this, the third factor – the wishes and requirements of financiers and investors – is also of great importance to MSOLUTIONS.