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The plan ´The Change´

The plan includes 28 homes, high-quality large single-family homes and 2-under-1 hairdressers, all with their own parking spaces, which has been developed in a market-driven way in collaboration with the municipality of Utrecht and MSOLUTIONS REAL ESTATE advisors. This plan has high quality finishes, wide beech sizes from 5.70 to 6.00 m’ and standard four bedrooms with dormers (due to homeworking demand from self-employed people) which are in an environmentally socially responsible way with very low financial risks.

Demand-driven development

That’s The Change! MSOLUTIONS REAL ESTATE has developed and applied this method in its housing project “De Verandering” in Utrecht.

De Verandering ´The Change´ represents a new way of building houses. In the Change, the future resident comes first. This means that your housing wishes are central to the construction and development. This is how the Change becomes your home.

The designers and consultants of “De Verandering”

BDP. khandekarJeroen Bleijs is the urban supervisor of the entire Hoge Weidekwartier plan and designer of the Urban Plans.

Architectural firm Hoogeveen, Arjen Hoogeveen is responsible for the design of project ‘De Verandering’ within the set preconditions and the Urban and Image Quality Plan of Hoge Weidekwartier.

Nieuwbouw-Nederland.nl, Nieuwbouw Nederland is independent and contains new construction projects of municipalities, developers and corporations of the Netherlands, both for sale and rent. MSOLUTIONS REAL ESTATE collaborates with Nieuwbouw Nederland Utrecht for this project “De Verandering” that is under

Beumer Garantiemakelaars, The quality of the service is central to Beumer Garantiemakelaars. MSOLUTIONS REAL ESTATE has therefore decided to collaborate with Beumer Garantiemakelaars in project “De Verandering”.


Hoge Weide adjacent to Leidsche Rijn Centrum which is located on the Stadsbaan which has a direct connection to the A2 via driveway Hooggelegen and driveway Lage Weide / De Wetering. The Vleutensebaan through Leidsche Rijn Centrum forms the most important connection between Leidsche Rijn and the existing city (adjacent to the Vleutenseweg).

In Leidsche Rijn Centrum there will be a large bus station where various bus lines and the HOV (“north radial”) stop. In the heart of Leidsche Rijn Centrum lies station “Utrecht Leidsche Rijn”. This station is part of the Randstad railway but is designed to function as an Intercity station. Finally, Leidsche Rijn Centrum forms a junction in the network of main cycle routes (including the Fietsboulevard between the existing city and Leidsche Rijn).