Orteliuslaan 891
3528 BE Utrecht

T 030-601 4349
F 030-604 1181
E info@msolutionsrealestate.nl


MSOLUTIONS REAL ESTATE is located in Utrecht from where the projects spread across The Netherlands, in particular in Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, are managed and realized. This central location is used for our regional and local collaborations with our customers and partners. Do you have a question about any of our projects related to Living, Working or Shopping and Retail Spaces or do you have any another question? Please contact us below with your question. We are happy to help you.

Contact us directly

Call +31 30 601 43 49 or fill in this form here for questions or comments.

Opening hours

Monday: 08:30 to 17:00
Tuesday: 8.30 to 17.00
Wednesday: 8.30 to 17.00
Thursday: 8.30 to 17.00
Friday: 8.30 to 17.00
Saturday: closed.
Sunday: closed.


Orteliuslaan 891
3528 BE Utrecht

T +31 601 43 49
F +31 604 11 81
E info@msolutionsrealestate.nl